Hi again!

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to write and share some highlights from the past few months, as well as some exciting upcoming shows in November.

I had the pleasure of playing with one of my favorite musicians/people Oli Rockberger this past July at Pizza Express in London.  Joining us onstage were Phil Robbsen, Mike Janisch, Paul Booth, and Raevennan Husbanded.  We played to a sold out crowd and it was a great gig!

I traveled to Lithuania for the first time in August with Chicago based band Fort Frances to headline the Loftas Fest in Vilnius.  It was our first time there and we had a blast, hope to go back soon!!

In September I had the honor of playing in the house band for a benefit concert for Nepal alongside some wonderful musicians.  Those who contributed their talent included Knox Chandler (MD), Eric Mingus, Phoebe Killdeer, and Craig Walked to name a few.

There are some really good gigs coming up in November you won’t want to miss.  I’ll be performing with Sam King on the 5th, and 19th at Prachtwerk (see live page).  I will also join Sophie Auster (NYC) for two performances here in Berlin.  The first will be a live taping of the Aspekte show on ZDF on the 13th, and the second will be a full show at the Berghain Kantine on the 27th.  All info for any/all events can be found in my Live link.

Hope this message finds you all well and hope to see some of you at a future show!

Take care,